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Citrine Cluster w/ Stand - #1


Each stone that you see here at Indigo Row is hand selected by us for you! We go to gem shows all over the country and are even going to start mining our own real soon. This Citrine Cluster is truly a gem. It comes on a stand so it can easily be displayed in any space. Citrine is a variation of Quartz and has several amazing properties. In this particular piece you will see some larger and smaller beautiful points. 



Stone: 8 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide

Including stand: 9 1/2 inches tall


This stone is full of powerful effects and you can expect any of the following influences when one is nearby:


- A cleansing of energy in a particular space or person. These stones are known for their abilities to absorb questionable, neutral, and bad energies, cleanse and release them back into the surrounding space. 

- A movement toward emotional balance and overall peace. Also known to instill feelings of motivation, creativity, and encourages self-expression. 

- It also helps to release negative traits, depression, fears & phobias. 


* We have witnessed the benefits of using crystals and intention in our daily lives, but legally we cannot guarantee them to cure, solve, or help with problems of any kind or use in place of seeking medical advice. 




Free shipping on US orders all the time

Citrine Cluster w/ Stand - #1


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